〜Learn to build and program robots in English〜

This is an educational program in which students try to solve exercises by assembling, programming and maneuvering robots. We use LEGO Mindstorms EV3 which is based on the scientific research by MIT, and our teachers are native English speakers with IT background. Students will aim to participate in the WRO - World Robot Olympiad.

〜Three key abilities cultivated through robotics education in English〜


〜Flow of lesson in Robotics Course〜

Our teachers are native English speaker with IT background. Through the small class education, students will enhance their English ability.



Place SOMOS English Academy
2-15-14 Kami-Ohsaki, Shinagawa-ku, Takagi Building 5F
(Next to Baskin Robbins)
Contact 03-6450-3803
Age 6 years and older (For elementary school students and up)
Date Thursdays (Weekly)
Saturdays (Bi-Weekly)
Time Classes are 90 min - 3 hours depending on day of week
Capacity 12 students / class
Enrollment fee 10,000 yen
Tuition 15,000 yen / month
Robo Done

This course is supported by Robo Done. Robo Done is a robotics programming school which has over 70 classrooms throughout Japan with the philosophy is “To raise world-class children”

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